Established traditions and over 25 years of experience in the field of technologies and techniques for surface coatings

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Manual powder coating systems

COATTECH LTD offers units for manual powder electrostatic coating - CESS®-PPS/V, CESS®-PPS/T, CESS®-PPS/6L. All of the models are suitable for industrial use as a modular element of technological lines.

Electrostatic powder coating machine APEN® for cable, rubber and plastic industry

This machine can be used for powdering of cables, wires, hoses, profiles and bands with powders like talc, superabsorbent powders (SAP) and so on.

Electrostatic powder weld seam protection machine APEN®-BAND

Апаратите APEN®The powder seam coating machine APEN ® -BAND is designed to protect welded cans against corrosion. The machine is used for the application of the powder side stripe. Powder striping gives better protection than liquid striping due to higher film thickness.

Manual and automatic powder coating booths CEN ® - cartridge filter and cyclone type

The electrostatic coating systems СEN®, manufactured by COATTECH Ltd, are the main powder coating equipment. COATTECH supplies a wide range of powder coating booths - cartridge filter and cyclone type, depending on the specific customer’s requirements.


Electric or gas curing and drying ovens. Conveyorised mesh belt ovens for glass decoration. Drying tank.


COATTECH Ltd is specialized in adapting its products to customer’s requirements. The company manufactures drying and curing ovens of all sizes as individual components or as part of a complete system.


Powder coating Dip&Spray Pretreatment Systems. Abrasive blast chamber system.

The units for processing before painting are built on a modular principle of unified units and details.

Manual Powder coating plants

COATTECH can supply different types and sizes of manual powder coating plants for small production. The company is individually adapted to customer’s requirements.

Technological lines with tact operation conveyor

These are complex lines with wide application for products with different configurations and sizes. They are used for painting of: fence panels, doors, electrical panels, water heaters, lighting fixtures, tubular furniture and others.

Automated powder coating technological line for small parts

The Automated powder coating technological line can be used for powder coating of small parts up to 150 mm. Size of the line can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
Mainly includes:
- 3-stage pretreatment system
- Drying oven
- Powder coating booth
- Tunnel curing oven
- Overhead conveyor
- Spray coating of small batch work pieces
- Increase the production efficiency
- Suitable for limited space
- Safe production

Powder coating technological lines for large and heavy parts

COATTECH have built up turn-key technological lines for large and heavy parts mainly used for industrial machine bodies and transformer tanks.
- Spray pretreatment system
- Primer base coating booth
- Powder coating booth
- Gas curing oven
- Power & Free conveyor
- High-efficiency
- Flexible installation
- Fully automatic operation
- Shorter processing time
- Outstanding surface quality
- Environment-friendly
- Anticorrosive protection



  • Powder coating services
  • Wide range of powder paints
    The company stocks most of the RAL classic colours.
  • Metal fabrication services
    COATTECH can fabricate, weld and assemble a variety of metal products according to customer specifications (switch boards, metal constructions, fence walls, articles of stainless steel etc.).