COATTECH Ltd has been established since 1990 in Varna, Bulgaria.

The company has more than 30-years of rich experience in the field of technology and equipment for surface coatings – powder coatings, electroplating, powder striping, talc applying, etc.

COATTECH manufactures and offers:
- Manual powder coating systems CESS®;
- Manual and automatic powder coating booths CEN® - filter and cyclone type;
- Electrical and gas curing/drying ovens
- Powder coating pretreatment Equipment: dip tanks, spray pretreatment systems, abrasive blast chamber systems
- Manual and automatic conveyors and transport systems
- Electrostatic powder coating machines - APEN® for cable, rubber and plastic industry;
- Electrostatic powder weld seam protection machine APEN®-BAND;
- Conveyorised mesh belt ovens for glass decoration
- Electroplating tanks and equipment for nickel and chrome plating
- Automated technological lines for powder and enamel coating
- Waste water equipment after pretreatment.

The production of COATTECH is innovative investment equipment for surface coatings having wide application in many industries: agricultural & construction equipment, appliances, architecture/building, automotive & transportation components, electrical cabinets, furniture, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), lawn & garden, everyday products and many other fields.
COATTECH is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer in the area of electrostatic powder coatings, providing:
- Individual technological solutions for every customer
- Professional design and flexible production according to the industry needs
- Complete Turn-key powder coating systems
- Innovative, rational and economical solutions.
- Warranty, repair and maintenance
- After-sales service
- Competitive prices
COATTECH strives to meet and exceed customer’s expectations for quality and competitive pricing. The company has installed powder coating plants and delivered equipment for customers around the world including Russia, North Africa, European and Balkan countries.
COATTECH is an ISO certified company, who has a modern production base equipped with hi-tech processing machines for metal working and laboratory with advanced equipment for overall production process control. The company offers complete engineering support for:
- Development and testing
- Design of equipment and technological lines
- Fabrication
- Installation
- Commissioning
- Field service

We strive to bring you the best solution!


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