The Horizontal type aluminum profiles powder coating lines are designed according to the capacity and usually include:
- Pretreatment equipment (dip tanks, transport system, drying tank, aspiration system, DI (deionized) water systems and stainless steel baskets)
- Powder coating booth – cyclone type
- Automatic powder coating system, including manual and auto spray guns, reciprocators and system electrical panel
- Tunnel curing oven (gas or electric) with pneumatic doors
- Monorail conveyor or transporter system - Loading bar transfer system – transfer the coated parts into the curing oven
Features and Benefits:
- Dip tanks are constructed to be resistant to many chemicals.
- Synchronized two speed transport system with vertical and horizontal movements for pretreatment processes.
- DI pretreatment equipment with RO (reverse osmosis) system
- Electrical drying tank after dip pretreatment systems with automatic lids
- Automatic powder coating booth with 3-stage filter system and fast color change
- Automatic powder coating system for higher productivity
- Energy efficient 3-rail electric curing oven
- Compact loading bar transfer system with pneumatic control – high capacity rates in limited areas.

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